A few jams.

Okay. Quick post for you guys. A list of songs I have listening to a lot. And I mean a lot.

1. Girl Loves Me

This song is incredible. At first I thought it was a very strange song, but now for some reason, I can’t stop listening to it! (R.I.P David Bowie)

2. Give Me A Reason

This was a spotify find. I have listened to Tracy before, but I’ve never heard this bluesy one.

3. Only the Lonely

This song is rock and roll, with a very angelic voice! Enjoy.

If you have some good songs to recommend, leave a comment! I’m all ears.

4.Untitled 2

King Kendrick. That is all.

5. Untouchable


My Top Tv Shows At The Moment


Breaking Bad

Of course breaking bad has to make a appearance, i have yet to finish it, and i can not wait to see what happens to badass walter


House Of Cards

I have only just started watching this series, and already i can tell its an awesome one, the main character frank underwood is played by the amazing Kevin spacey, at the moment my favourite scenes are when he breaks the 4th wall.



I LOVE this show, and this is the only one on this list that i actually finished, and wow was it worth it, Dr Gregory House, played by hugh laurie, has the best dry humour going.



Welll what can i say about this one, i actually got told to watch this show by my hairdresser,who told me that if i started watching it i would not regret it. And she was correct, the amount of hours i spent watching this show are unbelievable, i have yet to finish this one because Netflix UK havent added past season 7, sad moments.



Four words THIS SHOW IS AWESOME. To be honest i wish i got chance to watch this when it was still on tv, but i started watching it on netflix, and just like dexter, i dedicated alot of my spare time to this damn show, lets face it, when a show has superpowers involved, its going to be awesome!, still yet to finish this one, and i think ill be upset when i do, but it’ll be worth it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first ever proper post, if you have any opinions on how i can improve please feel free to email me at Cj-234@hotmail.co.uk and if you have your own list show me a like.

Snowy Times

Yes i know, the title isn’t very creative, i did try to come up with another title, but that was the only one that sounded the most interesting.Now, to start of this post, i just wanted to say, that through out today i have been thinking about what i can do to make this blog better, and one of the major points i keep coming up with is that with each post i need to add at least one picture, hopefully it will attract more visitors. Today has been hectic to say the least, i have been all over town, doing runs for myself and the mother, of of course one of the jobs included food, my first stop was Blockbusters, because by now you all should have known that they are now closing down, and the good thing about it is that you get 20% or more offers one certain things, now this is a good post on which i should’ve uploaded some pictures, i bought at least 8 blurays, including paranormal activity 1-3

After that i made my way to Tesco which was actually quite boring which is why i wont go into that trip, luckily just around the corner there is Asda Supermarket, which is where i bought step brothers on bluray

After all this i went to my brothers and sisters school and picked them up, as my mum was to busy to do it

next update wont be to far away like last i hope.