It Has Been A While…

Hello all,

I have to start this post by saying i am sorry for not updating it as much as I said I would. i have reasons but i don’t think I will be saying them!

I have had a job for the past 6 – 7 months, although now it seems to be coming to the end, I am not as upset as i would of been last year, which I think I made a post about I’m not so sure. But either way, the job has enabled me to travel and increase my movie collection, which at some point i will be uploading each blu-ray picture one by one! (Big project)

Any way i just thought i’d pop on and say hi again and show you i am not dead!

Hope everyone is okay and their lives are going well!!

Peace out x

Quick Update!!

Hi all!

Just writing a quick update on here as I am currently at work. Letting you know I am now currently in the editing stages of my photos, so hopefully by the end of this week I should of uploaded them all WOO!. Now I will be uploading them one by one so keep your eyes open!